Heave you ever thought about what happens to the orphans when they become adults? Here is a vision for you!

Our project took a different turn! While eating lunch at Bascarsija I notice an elderly woman sitting quietly by the door without ordering anything. Me being me I watched her and saw that the owner of the restaurant brought her a bag with food. I approached her and asked her how her day was and she opened up to me. She is deaf so can barley hear and her speech is hard to understand but patients does wonders. She was left by her parent, raised as an orphan, and lives alone now. She gets left over food from the restaurant or picks from trash. She had a thought life from day one and it’s time for a change! Together- let’s change this woman’s life!

I have spoken to Elvir Karalic Pomozi.ba organization and they will put her on a list for daily visit and daily meal.

We can do more let’s remodel her house and give her adequate place to live! This was just a quick run to the store and get her some food type of a visit- immediate help but she needs more!

Anyone interested please contact us!