God help all the poor, hungry, thirsty, homeless, and sick. Amen!

These are the living conditions of the family Krč-Žunovnica

Family of 3 lives in this house that is not theirs but it’s only roof over their head they have.

They have a House for which they received a donation from the municipality but is not done yet and they can't move in.

We visited and brought food and hygiene products, and we gave them the promise that we will help them finish their house so they can have the basic conditions for life.

This family's not looking for a lot, they thank God for everything they have, and say there are worse cases than ours.

The mother goes to clean apartments 2 times a week for 30 km for which she has not received a salary for over 5 months, both parents split firewood for other people for 70 km.

They will do (and are doing) any job just to be able to feed their child.


Thank you all for your help-we will fulfill the promise to this family and move them in to the house and help them with basic things

We would like to thank Admir, all the sponsors and Penny store in Hadzici they did preparation every day and pack the family consumer boxes for us. The workers of this store became our family and good friends.