June 14 ยท

Ramadan/Eid Packages

Sarajevo-we visited three families

1. Lukac -mother with 2 children. Father died last year of brain cancer (only the boy was home, little girl in school and the mother someone called to work that day to at least earn something for children)

2.Deljo-Handicapped son, who is trying to take care of his parents. Mother 73 years old had 2 strokes and father 84 heart attack and stroke.

(Semso says โ€“ they took care of me my whole life I have to help them as much as I know, and as much as I can)

3. Ramovic-sick mother with son who came back from army with mental disorder... father who took care of them died last year. Now it's up to two of them to take care of each other


Food and toiletries

Thank you donors, Rent Car DIN BiH and Volonteer Nadzija