Today while I was in Umoljani I saw an old lady sitting on the side of the road selling things she made with her own 80year old hands. We decided to get some wool socks but the lady asked if we would like to buy the traditional mountain women shirt/blouse. I didn’t really want to because I didn’t know where to wear it to. She said the price was 100km for the shirt and 20km for the vest, but she will give it to me for 70km so I can buy it. I ended up buying it but only for the full price.( I was thought to never lower the price of items sold by those honest hard working people who are trying to survive and feed their families. If you can’t give them more at least pay the asking price... she is 80 and is not begging for money or hand me downs but she is working hard and earning honest money to survive) 
This old lady cried so much and told us her story through sobs and we all cried with her. While driving off I saw her in my mirror raising her hands to the sky thanking God and making Dua. What can be more beautiful in this world than someone making a sincere Dua for you?

This lady reminded me of why I started the non profit organization RukaNade. She reminded me of the old lady I dreamt about that lead me to this life’s mission.

Tomorrow we will visit her again and bring a smile on her face once more!

I ask you all to be kind to one another, to stop and help someone, to buy things from hardworking individuals ( farmers, mom & pops shops, small business) and please don’t bargain with them they have worked so hard and are usually in poverty.