Velika Kladuša-Family of 6

Mother, Father, son 15, daughter 13, son 9, son 3

All live in a house that has seen its better days, but it was given to them rent free so they are very thankful to the owners

Today’s Donation/Zekat

Food, hygiene products, household necessities, dishes, clothes and toys

These kids walk 10km to their school, but they were to shy to ask us for bikes while we were at the store. Later just about when we were to leave they whispered to Mom if she could ask. Unfortunately do to our schedule we left without fulfilling their wish, but we will try to come back, and make their journey to school and back little easier


July 13

We are on our way back to Velika Kladusa to fulfill the promise we gave. We understand that only three of the kids are attending school but there is no way we were showing up without the bike for the 3 year old boy.